AHS PharmStat

Why should you work with AHS PharmStat?

Staffing and recruiting companies are committed to bringing the right people and the right companies together. Whether you want temporary/relief, permanent, or a long-term assignment, working with a staffing company is an easy way to improve your job search.

Regardless of the geographic location in which you want to work, AHS PharmStat can help!  We specialize in relief and permanent placement for pharmacists and pharmacies throughout the United States.

How can you work with a staffing firm?

There are three main types of job placements in the staffing industry, according to the American Staffing Association:

Temporary or contract: You work for a staffing firm's customer on an interim basis

Temp-to-perm or temp-to-hire: You work for a staffing firm's customer on a trial basis to determine if the job is a good fit for your skills, interests, and career goals—if so, you become the customer's employee.  Or in pharmacy, relief-to-perm.  You work relief shifts filling in on a temporary basis and if the client/pharmacy fills you are a good fit, they hire you on a permanent basis.

Direct hire or permanent: You are recruited by the staffing firm and then hired by its customer

Reasons to work with a staffing firm

AHS PharmStat is not only looking for pharmacist, but we are also looking for pharmacy technicians and other positions within the pharmacy industry. Below are a few reasons you should work with AHS PharmStat during your next job search.

Get the inside scoop on new openings

We work with a variety of companies. Many businesses turn to staffing companies to fill certain positions and never advertise the opening themselves.

Save time

Staffing companies specialize in position types, areas, industries, or even companies. Thus, they know the job market and know the cultures on the companies for which they are recruiting.

Put flexibility and work in the same sentence

If you are looking for time to live life while still making ends meet, working with a staffing company could be the best career move you ever make. We can place you in relief or temporary pharmacy assignments that fit your life.

Go from relief/temp to perm

According to the American Staffing Association, about 75 percent of temporary and contract employees move on to permanent jobs. Thus, a temp job can be a great way to try out a company's culture.

Pharmacy jobs

If you are looking to change careers, start a  new career in pharmacy, or you are a pharmacy owner looking for assistance in staffing your facility, give us a call!  AHS PharmStat, 1-877-309-3546 or email:  information@ahspharmstat.com for more information on how we can help!