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Jerick Henley, President
AHS PharmStat

Whether it's pharmacy staffing, or staffing in any industry, what are the benefits of using a staffing company? 

Finding an employee who is a perfect fit for a company and its corporate culture is often difficult, costly and time-consuming. If a pharmacy has a special project, or are in need of a temporary pharmacist for a specific time frame, and lacks the in-house personnel, a relief pharmacist is often the answer.  A staffing agency to assist in finding temporary or permanent workers saves company resources; often the match is successful.

A staffing agency provides temporary or permanent workers to a company by targeting the company's need, then matching a worker's skill set, background and personality accordingly, providing a "fit" for both staffer and employer.

Staffing agencies, for a fee or other agreed-upon terms, advertise, interview, test and perform background/reference checks on potential employees. The agency handles payroll, taxes, workers compensation and other benefits concerning the worker while they remain on their payroll.

Agencies often specialize in areas of expertise; for example, some provide medical staffers, others IT specialists, and still others high-level management. AHS PharmStat is a leading healthcare staffing company specializing in relief and permanent placement for pharmacists and pharmacies throughout the United States.

Utilizing the services of a staffing agency benefits both the employer and the employee by offering a "safe" alternative to direct hire; each has an opportunity to assess the "fit" without a major commitment.

According to the Department of Labor, the rising cost of health and other benefits continues to challenge today's businesses. As a result, more companies are looking to staffing agencies to fill their positions and shoulder some of their overhead, making the market for staffing agencies appealing.

At AHS PharmStat, we staff nationally and pride ourselves on placing pharmacists in the "hard-to-fill" regions and getting jobs filled as soon as possible. We understand the concerns of the professional pharmacist and strive to find the placement opportunities they desire. We also understand that locating qualified pharmacists can be equally challenging; therefore, we work diligently to supply the highest quality candidates to our clients.

Jerick Henley, President of AHS PharmStat said, "Our leadership team has more than fifty years of experience in the healthcare staffing industry. That experience equates to an unequalled understanding of the challenges in matching candidates with job opportunities."

Our mission is simple: to be a trusted partner of the pharmacist and a valued resource of the pharmacy.

Whether you are a pharmacist, or a pharmacy owner, our staff will work diligently to find the best "fit" and to supply the highest quality candidates to our clients. 

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