Help us choose the AHS PharmStat Pharmacist of the Year for 2013! alt = "pharmacy jobs"Each month you nominated a worthy pharmacist for the honor of Pharmacist of the Month.  That award was given to a pharmacist who goes above and beyond the call of duty to make his or her pharmacy a better place to work.  We would like to congratulate each of our monthly winners and say “thank you” for all that you do! We would also like to ask your help in choosing our Pharmacist of the Year!  Below you will find a list of our monthly winners and why they were nominated.  You can go to our facebook page or click here to vote for the pharmacist you feel is deserving of this award! January – Douglas ChanDouglas is a hardworking pharmacist who has taken on tough assignments in a difficult area.  He is always willing and ready to go when needed !” February – John Pilz “John has done a great job filling relief shifts - and the clients love him!  He is the ultimate professional and passionate about his job.  John is always ready and willing to work when needed.March – Bill ToneyBill always does a great job!  He is hard working, dependable and has rearranged his schedule in the past so he is available to work relief shifts when needed.April – James BernauerJames is always willing to do whatever it takes to cover even the toughest relief shifts.  He receives great reviews from our clients and he is very easy to work with.May – Joanne MorehouseJoanne works for us in Wisconson and does a great job!  She is consistent and reliable and we appreciate her willingness to fill in when needed.  Joanne is a hard worker and well deserving of this honor.” June – Lucio Geurrero Lucio has a diverse pharmacy background and he is able to work in multiple settings for our firm.  He is always willing to work and we appreciate his flexibility.July – Letitia HarrisLetitia has quickly made friends and made a home away from home on her assignment in South Carolina. She is very energetic and always has a positive attitude. Letitia is an excellent employee and pharmacist!”  August – Suzanne Ryan It has been a pleasure getting to work with Suzanne.  She is always willing  to stay late or go in early when needed.  Suzanne recently took on a big assignment for us and  did a fantastic job.” September – Pat CarusoPat has been a great addition to the AHS team.  He always has a positive attitude and is willing to help out in a moment’s notice.  It has really been great to work with someone as optimistic as Pat.” October – Roger GroszRoger has recently traveled to a variety of locations to cover assignments for AHS.  Some shifts he has covered with very short notice.  Because of Roger’s professionalism, I am able to send him to any client with confidence!” November – Art Friedman Art has gone above and beyond to fill shifts for us, some last minute notice.  He is always very friendly and willing to help.  Art receives very positive reviews from our clients. We appreciate his professionalism.” December – David ByrdI have really enjoyed getting to work with David over the past year.  David is very dependable, detailed, and professional.  He has  covered a variety of stores for us and consistently does a great job.  David is always willing to help, no matter the distance or if it is last minute.” Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate a deserving Pharmacist.  And, thank you to our monthly winners!  We truly appreciate all that you do to help keep us healthy every day! We look forward to announcing our Pharmacist of the Year on January 31, 2014!

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