Pharmacy jobs are out there and some areas have a higher demand than others. alt="pharmacy jobs" If you are a recent pharmacy graduate you are probably wondering - what next? Pharmacy jobs are out there but sometimes it takes a little work to find them. According to a recent Pharmacy Times article, The Pharmacy Workforce Center provides a continuous measure of national, regional, and state-level demand, collected monthly by a group of panelists, known as the Aggregate Demand Index. Demand is estimated on a 5-point scale, with 5 indicating a high demand for pharmacists and 1 indicating that there are many more pharmacists than there are jobs. In January 2014, the overall national pharmacist demand was 3.32, a 0.11 increase from both the previous month and from January 2013. AHS PharmStat Job Demand                 Source:  The Pharmacy Workforce Center If you are willing to relocate, or if you are interested in working relief shifts to help fill in for a pharmacy that is short staffed, chances are you may secure a permanent position a little quicker. "When it comes to Pharmacy Jobs geography, population and economy all come together to create a unique ecosystem where each community offers something a little different with its own set of challenges and rewards, said Joe Hill, Director of Staffing with AHS PharmStat.  "My suggestion is to speak with those familiar with the landscape of that particular area to find out the best way to go about hunting down the job that fits you." "The best way for new graduates to get a job is through internships, staffing  companies, and the willingness to pay their dues.  " said Hill.  "Working a temporary assignment or relief shifts at a pharmacy nearby is a great way for both you and the pharmacy to "try before you buy" type theory.  If you like the pharmacy and they like your work, most of the time they will offer you a permanent position when one becomes available." AHS PharmStat works with pharmacies across the country to help staff their pharmacy.   Whether they need a permanent pharmacist, or a temporary pharmacy technician, the AHS team works with pharmacy professionals to help keep their pharmacy staffed and running smoothly.  They also work on behalf of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to help them locate the job they desire. "The pharmacy market is saturated in some areas.  But because of the relationships we have developed with pharmacy owners over the years, we are able to hear about opportunities much quicker and can work on your behalf to help place you," said Hill.  "It's funny, you get to know people on a personal level so you know what will work and what won't.  I am on a first name basis with most of my clients and I know right away if a candidate is a good fit for their pharmacy.  And likewise with candidates.  I have placed some pharmacists several times so I know what works and what doesn't.  Especially relief pharmacists.  It's great to develop long lasting relationships and know you are helping someone.  Pharmacists go to school for a long time and they don't want to take just "any" job when they graduate.  It's important to find a position that is a good fit for both the pharmacist and the pharmacy," says Hill.  And that's where we can help.

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