Pharmacy jobs for graudates 

Congratulations to those who will graduate soon!  For others, you may still have a year or two remaining before the big day.  But rest assured, graduation will be here before you know it!  All the endless hours of studying will soon be over...then what?  Have you thought about your future plans?  Where will you go, what will do you after graduation?  For some, you may continue your education after graduation by enrolling in post graduate programs or residencies, but for others, the answer is just not that simple.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you feel a sense of accomplishment!  And we hope that you will stay connected to us and let us help you throughout your career.  Whether you are working relief, or desire a permanent position, AHS PharmStat is a leader in the healthcare staffing industry specializing in relief, temporary and permanent placement!  Go to our website and complete a "quick apply" so you will be one of the first to know about opportunities in your area.

So enjoy your big day and take pride in your accomplishment! 

Congratulations 2011 Pharmacy School Graduates!
AHS PharmStat Team