3 Questions for Any Interview  When you have a job opening, you need to get the position filled quickly, with the right candidate. The job interview is the perfect time to assess an applicant’s fitness for your organization.tie-690084_1280 In order to drill down to who they are and what they are about, here are three essential questions to ask!
  1. Why are you the best fit for our organization?
This key question allows you to see if the candidate did their homework on your organization. If they did, they will respond with answers like:
  • How their values align with the company’s values
  • Charting a course with your organization for career growth
  • Previous achievements and experience that prepared them to excel with your company
  • What makes them different from the competition
By their answer you can determine whether they are thinking about working for you long-term. You can also get a feel for the level of commitment they bring to the job.
  1. Explain a challenge, and how you overcame it?
We have all dealt with personal and professional challenges. Sometimes, we’ve even failed. But, that challenge, effort, and failure or success, builds skills like resiliency, dedication, and commitment. Those skills are foundational for long-term career success. In order to build a competent and committed team, each team member needs resiliency to handle difficult situations. We know in any organization, challenges will come. So, it is essential that a candidate be able to articulate how they handle challenges. Look for answers that show:
  • They identified a problem.
  • They thought about a variety of solutions.
  • They communicated to stakeholders about the problem.
  • They took a decisive step in solving the problem.
  1. Why is customer service important to you?
Customers are the reason we do what we do. It’s important we hire people who understand and practice exceptional customer service. The answer to this question will clue you in to how they view customers, as well as their personal values when interacting with others. It can be a great indicator of how they will perform as a team member. Listen for answers that include:
  • Understanding that they are the face of the business
  • Dedication to exceptional service
  • Willingness to effectively communicate
  • Belief in the importance of customer relationships
Wrapping It Up By asking these three essential questions, you can discover an applicant’s values and decide whether those align with the organization’s values. Every person will answer differently, but look for key components which are the common thread. Hiring high-quality employees can feel challenging. But, with a plan of action for the interview, you can be assured you will hire people who add value to the team and the customers you serve. Please let us know if you have any questions!