The Difference Maker team is developing! Of course we know every group needs a Leader to guide the group, and create the path from point A to B. Her collaborative skills put it all together and turn team cohesion into a successful outcome.

Second, the Creative comes along to give the team an end goal. The ideas don’t stop, and tempering their enthusiasm may be the task of the rest of the group. Creatives are the “big picture people.”

So, which Difference Maker keeps the team excited about the project and moving forward? 

The Motivator.

Every team needs a cheerleader, a can-do person with a “We’ve got this” attitude.  The team needs the Motivator to keep the Creative thinking and the Leader charging forward, because this type of Difference Maker doesn’t know the word “quit.”

Motivational Difference Makers

1. Sell the sizzle.

Sometimes the ideas seem stale. The Motivator can tactfully agree and slide the bland ones out the door. However, they always have something up their sleeves. 

Their positivity and ability to create work-arounds keeps the team energized and at task, even when the action slows down and threatens to halt.

2. Bring Metaphorical Pizza

Motivators encourage. It’s their nature, to soothe ruffled feathers, to apply balm to wounds, to keep the team upright and moving forward. 

If work slows and nears a crawl, the motivator knows what to say to keep the team together. The motivator reminds the team of the goal in creative ways, and gently leads them.

Sometime it’s huddling up for a pep-talk. Other times, it’s hashing out ideas over pizza.

Plus, this Difference Maker has the unique ability to spur the group toward the intended goal without creating enemies. It’s a talent honed by understanding what motivates people.

3. Love a Challenge

You’ll never see a Motivational Difference Maker flag. While the rest of the team, tired and ready to quit, may be calling a stop to any forward progression, the Motivator will deliver an affirmative message, or maybe a YouTube video or TED Talk. 

They see it as a challenge to come up with ways to motivate and re-engage people. Mind Tools such as these can help reenergize and refocus the group on the goal.

Every component of thriving, successful teams are important, and the Difference Makers are the engines that keep the train moving forward. How will you motivate others this week?

Next time, Type 4: The Mediator

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