Propel Customer Service to New Heights

Not so long ago, gas stations offered Full Service. Without leaving their vehicles, drivers not only had their gas tanks refilled, but they also had their oil levels checked, and their windshields cleaned. Along with the service came conversation that typically ended with, “What else can I do for you?” Customers paid for the service without leaving their seats and drove away full of good vibes about not only the gas station, but people in general. They repaid the quality customer service in loyalty, utilizing positive word-of-mouth and repeated visits. Today, Full Service is virtually non-existent at the gas pump, but companies and organizations understand that people still crave exceptional service. They know that they must do whatever it takes to help customers feel valued, now more than ever. 

Choice is just a click away for most businesses, and pharmacies are no different. Customers have many options about how they buy items. Extreme customer service is a way for organizations to set themselves apart from the pack. Along with choice, the popularity of social media has created near constant feedback for businesses on everything from products to services. Rest assured, when customer service is great or less than stellar, it’s likely to be reported out via social mediaIt’s vital to your future success to keep your customers happy. An extra bonus to happy customers is the good word-of-mouth that then creates an even larger customer base.

Check out these examples of organizations striving to keep their customers content. All of them promote a willingness to correct mistakes, reach for perfection, and assure customers of their value. These companies do this by not only giving good service, but going one step further to insure great service; a win/win situation for retailers and consumers alike. As you go through your day today, how will you provide top-tier customer service?