3 Tips to Hone your Soft Skills as a Pharmacy Technician


You may be asking yourself, what is a soft skill? Soft skills are attributes that enable someone to effectively and harmoniously interact with other people. These skills are important in a Pharmacy Technician job because they enable you to effectively communicate with your coworkers and patients. In return, you will leave a lasting positive impression for your Pharmacy. Here are some ways you can improve your soft skills as a Pharmacy Technician. 

Be adaptable

Adaptability is key when working in a fast-paced environment, such as a Pharmacy. Being able to work effectively in any type of situation makes you a major attribute. Long lines, angry patients, denied insurance, these are all things you may run into in just one day at a Pharmacy. Strive to work quickly, yet efficiently and be open to reprioritizing your day as it goes on. 

Body language

Body language is something that people easily forget about. If you’re working and someone is complaining and raising their voice, it’s easy to lose your smile or become tense. Being aware of your body language at all times can help you project a more inviting demeanor for your patients. For example, keep eye contact. You may want to look away from an upset patient but keeping eye contact shows them that you care about what’s going on and want to fix it. 


Being a team player means working well with others, splitting up work evenly, keeping an open mind and making everyone feel important. Everyone working behind the counter at a Pharmacy is equally important to the flow of business. When everyone works as a team, the outcome is always better. 

Sometimes soft skills can be a hard thing to remember when you’re busy at work. But, by keeping these in the back of your mind, you can improve your work environment, the patient’s experience and show your boss that you are a master of interactions.