As we get closer to spring and summer, some pharmacies will be in desperate need of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to work relief shifts while their full-time employees take scheduled vacations As the spring and summer seasons draw near, it is time to start thinking about vacations.  No matter how hard you plan, sometimes it is inevitable that you have shifts that are not covered.  That's why we work 24/7 on-call to make sure that doesn't happen to you! We have a diverse talent pool of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians available to work so we can help fill even some of the most difficult positions possible. We do license verifications, reference verifications and criminal background checks to assure that you can feel comfortable in your decision to hire with us. You can rest easy that our pharmacists have been thoroughly screened and are held to a strict code of conduct. Whether you need pharmacists for temporary relief work, part-time positions, emergency "same day service" or permanent positions, AHS PharmStat will strive to find the best placements for your needs. For more information, contact: AHS PharmStat 877-309-3546