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Playing the Blame Game over Shortages of ADHD Drugs

By AHS | January 25, 2012

Every day, the FDA gets hundreds of calls from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) patients who are a facing a near constant shortage in the prescription drugs prescribed for their disorder, according to a recent report in The New York Times.

The problem has become so prevalent that both the FDA and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists currently lists the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) of many common ADHD drugs—including methylphenidate HCl, dextroamphetamine tablets, and amphetamine mixed salts immediate-release tablets—on their drug shortages lists. The shortages have prompted a blame gam

Pharmacists warn that cost saving measures could threaten business

By AHS | January 25, 2012

Texas pharmacists say the state’s move to save money will put 1,300 drug stores in jeopardy of going out of business.


Legislators could move towards a plan that would reduce Medicaid reimbursement rates paid to pharmacists for dispensing prescriptions. The Texas Pharmacy Council estimates it will amount to an 80 percent reduction in the fees.

Pharmacy Selling Pet Only Medications

By AHS | January 23, 2012

Millions of people adore their pets and consider them almost family. Kroger is now offering prescription medications for their four-legged kin at all 100 of its pharmacies in the Houston area.

After launching a pilot program last year, Kroger has more recently expanded pet meds into all its pharmacies nationally. The Cincinnati-based grocer aims to undercut veterinarians on price, and many pet medications are included in Kroger's $4 generic drug program, said Marla Fielder, the assistant director of pharmacy in Kroger's Southwest division

Pharmacists are predicting another promising year for 2012

By AHS | January 19, 2012

Drug Topics' 2012 Business Outlook Survey 

Pharmacists are predicting another promising year for 2012, but it won't be without bumps in the road. Most pharmacists believe the pharmacy industry will continue to prosper in 2012; however, optimism isn't as high as it once was and pharmacists are predicting slower growth, fewer raises, and an increased surplus of pharmacists in the year ahead.

These were some of the findings from Drug Topics' 2012 Business Outlook Survey, an annual survey of more than 700 community, hospital, and long-term-care pharmacists that examines the industry's current climate and future prospects. This year's survey was fielded for 1 week in late October.

Pharmacies roll with the changes

By AHS | January 17, 2012

Behind the pharmacy counter, the familiar bags of medications are tagged and labeled alphabetically in plastic containers.

Customers come and go —but not everyone is there to drop off or pick up a prescription.

Some have come for an influenza or shingles vaccine.

Others are there to have their blood pressure checked.

And many arrive with questions. Will a certain over-the-counter medicine interact with their hypertension pills? What can they do to improve their cholesterol count? What health care supplies are recommended for someone newly diagnosed with diabete




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