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Pharmacist to start transition

By AHS | July 28, 2011

 Permanent Pharmacist

Bill Neu, shown Tuesday in his pharmacy at 527

Bryan St. in Denton, will soon begin his retirement

process. Bill Neu Pharmacy will officially close Aug. 5

and reopen as a branch of S&J Pharmacy three days later.

Bill Neu’s customers all seem to agree: Their pharmacist is just about the nicest guy around.  “He is really one of the sweetest people I know,” said longtime friend and customer Sue Starnes.

“Bill is a great guy,” said Dale Brown, another customer and friend of Neu’s since 1959, when Neu first moved to Dento

Save money soon at the pharmacy

By AHS | July 28, 2011

Permanent Pharmacist

Pharmacist Victor Young 

A trip to the pharmacy is about to get a lot less expensive for a lot of Oklahomans and others across the country.

That’s because the patents for seven of the top selling drugs are about to expire.  Two of the drugs are Lipitor and Plavix, which will soon be sold in a generic form for the first time.

Pharmacist Victor Young at Arcadia Pharmacy says the switch to generic options for expensive blockbuster drugs will mean substantial savings for many of his customers. “Consumers paying nearly $120.00 a month for a dr

Updating a Résumé for 2011

By AHS | July 20, 2011
Pharmacy Staffing Agency  Q: I am a senior executive and haven't looked for a job in more than 10 years. How can I make my résumé more current by today's standards?

A: While the résumé as you know it from 10 years ago is still alive and kicking, there have been a number of modifications to it. No longer do job candidates simply present a Word document of their qualifications. Today, they need to craft a package both online and off to present to a prospective employer. This needs to include both a résumé and an online profile as well as an easy way for a prospective employer or recruiter to move back and forth

June Pharmacist of the Month!

By AHS | July 18, 2011

Congratulations Susan Wood our June Pharmacist of the Month! 

She’s done an amazing job for us at a difficult independent retail pharmacy in a very rural area. We greatly appreciate her tenacity and flexibility regarding this assignment. Her positive and willing attitude is infectious.

AHS PharmStat will send Susan a congratulatory package as our way of saying thank you. She is also eligible for the 2011 Pharmacist of the Year Award!

Congratulations Susan! Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

AHS PharmStat Team

Serial entrepreneurship runs in AHS PharmStat chief's veins

By AHS | July 18, 2011

Pharmacy Staffing 

When the newly formed AccuStat Healthcare Staffing in Edmond acquired Houston-based PharmStat Staffing LLC in May of last year, the staffing company for pharmacies operated in Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico. Fourteen months later, AHS PharmStat conducts business in 27 states with annual revenues of $4 million.

“Our focus is to be a world-class service provider serving the entire United States, and I think we can do it, right here in Edmond, Oklahoma,” said Jerick (pronounced Yerick) Henley, AHS PharmStat president. “We've done it before.”

Henley a




You could receive up to $500