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A New Kind of Pharmacist

By AHS | February 22, 2011

Ross Valley Pharmacy, tucked away inside a larger building of clinics, is not a big place, but it's very very busy. Its owner, Paul Lofholm, PharmD, has a vision of the pharmacist's role that goes far beyond simply putting pills in bottles. He sees pharmacists as integral members of the healthcare team who can fill the gaps in patients' education about their conditions and their medications.

Dr. Lofholm initially saw the need for a diabetes education program after a friend's son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. After helping his friend deal with that crisis, says Dr. Lofholm, "I looked around and said, ‘Well, what do

Employers bring in more contract employees as hiring slowly climbs

By AHS | February 21, 2011

pharmacy relief  

AHS PharmStat specializes in relief, temporary and

permanent placement for pharmacist and pharmacy technicians.

After two and a half years of economic turmoil, businesses are once again beginning to hire, according to the latest statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor. As employers begin to cautiously hire again, a new contingent of the work force is beginning to emerge. The contract, or relief employee, is becoming more of a rule rather than an exception. For many businesses, contract workers could become a permanent solution.

From the company perspective,

About 150 drugs said to be in short supply

By AHS | February 21, 2011

medicine in short supply  Manufacturing and quality-control problems at several drug firms have led to a shortage of medications -- some for cancer, a U.S. pharmacists group says.

"These are the worst shortages I have ever seen," Thomas Wheeler, director of pharmacy for Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago told the Chicago Tribune.

"The most troubling aspect is that it is critical drugs for which there are limited alternatives. Many are involved in cancer care and surgery."

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, a trade group that works with hospital pharmacists,

Forum For Pharmacy Discussions

By AHS | February 16, 2011

For all you friend of AHS PharmStat, I want to give you all a challenge. In addition to using this site to post job information which is, of course, very important, we want to make this wall a FORUM for PHARMACY DISCUSSIONS.  We can post questions but we need YOU to give us some content.

Did you have a bad day in the pharmacy....Tell us!

Did you have an idea that you could share?

Do you have a question or want to do a poll or get other pharmacists' opinions

Did you see a great article?

We want to unite pharmacists across the States and start to hear some ideas about what you would like to change in the pha

January Pharmacist of the Month

By AHS | February 15, 2011


Congratulations Nathan Pope our January Pharmacist of the Month!

AHS PharmStat will send Nathan a congratulatory package as our way of saying thank you. He is also eligible for the 2011 Pharmacist of the Year Award!

Testimonial:  Nathan is not only compassionate with the customers, but also with his employees. He is very knowledgeable about prescription drugs, compounding, OTCs, and alternative (homeopathic) medicines. He clearly enjoys educating his staff and customers on all aspects of pharmacological health care.

Annie, Texas





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