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The Benefits of Using a Professional Recruitment Agency to Companies

By AHS | February 01, 2011

  Finding qualified employees for your company can be a difficult process. Advertising a position, reviewing hundreds of resumes, scheduling interviews and making a final decision can be a daunting task for many busy hiring managers who are already consumed by other job responsibilities. In addition, making the difficult decision to choose one employee which will inevitably leave so many other qualified candidates without a job can be a difficult choice. Using a professional recruiting agency to fill vacant positions can relieve this tension and even improve your company's bottom line.

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Computer engineer, pharmacist among in-demand jobs

By AHS | January 30, 2011

pharma image   Want to educate yourself for future in-demand jobs in Alabama? Think about becoming a computer software engineer or network systems analyst. Or maybe a pharmacist or industrial engineer.

Want a good job in the River Region? Computers, pharmacy or veterinary medicine seem to be the way to go in the next eight years or so.

These are the high demand occupations, according to the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, Labor Market Information Division.

It makes lists every two years of the top 40 jobs for 10 geographic regions in Alabama, as well as the entire s

The new NHS: Where does pharmacy sit?

By AHS | January 27, 2011

ahs pharmstat logo 


Who is it? The organisation currently known as the Independent Regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts will be renamed Monitor.

What does it do? Monitor will be an economic regulator with powers to regulate competition. Its main duty is “to protect and promote the interests of people who use health services”.

How does it influence community pharmacy? Monitor will have three main roles that will affect community pharmacy: promoting competition, setting and regulating prices, and supporting continuity of services. Pharmacies should assume they will be subject

Obama calls for jobs - pharmacists can help

By AHS | January 26, 2011

AHS Pharmstat

The pharmacy profession can help in achieving vision of greatness.

While taking a few minutes to address “rumors” that some in Congress are opposed to health care reform and noting that Medicare patients are enjoying less expensive prescription drugs, President Barack Obama stuck to a jobs-and-the-economy mantra throughout most of tonight’s State of the Union address. In many ways, the key role pharmacists could play in a revitalized American economy was repeated over and over throughout the 61-minute speech.

: “Let me be the first to say that anything can be improved.… If you

Trends in Pharmacy and Pharmacy Staffing Update

By AHS | January 25, 2011

Darius Randeria 

Darius Randeria, RPh

In the past eighteen months, there has been an almost insidious change in pharmacy manpower needs. If you have been in the same job throughout, you may have only noticed these changes in a cursory fashion but if you work in recruiting or have been changing jobs, you will have noticed that there have definitely been some rather acute decreases in the demand for the average pharmacist. There are numerous reasons for this apparent abundance of pharmacists and some of them are regional, micro-economic factors such as local costs of living and the presence of certain local pharmacy chains. In the macr




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