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Don’t Get Scrooged: Staffing for the Holidays

By AHS | November 05, 2015

Don’t Get Scrooged: Staffing for the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to think about staffing for vacations. From November through January, multiple holidays are observed, and employees want to plan time with family and friends.Pharmacy Staffing and Jobs

Help your business and employees both, by following these tips!

Plan Early

Early preparation alleviates the headache of last minute schedu

Your Dream Job is HERE!

By AHS | November 05, 2015
Have you ever seen Ft. Smith, Arkansas this time of year? Wow, the foliage is spectacular! You know what else is spectacular? Your Dream Job Pharmacy jobs Pharmacist CareersOpportunity in Ft. Smith! We have an immediate opening for a Pharmacist. If you love getting to know your patients and living in a charming town, this could be the one for you!

Need to know more about Ft. Smith? Check out this website here!

Would you like to learn more information about this oppo

Why You Need Relief!

By AHS | October 29, 2015
Why You Need Relief!

Ever receive a call in the early morning hours from an employee saying they can’t be at work, because they are sick? Or found yourself scrambling to cover the weeks an employee is on maternity leave? Chances are you probably have.

Every pharmacy needs a game plan for what to do when the unexpected happens. Here is why your business needs relief, support staff relief, that is!

Because Life Happens

One constant in pharmacy staffing is the old saying, “Life happens,” and it certainly does. An employee may need time off for a death in the family. Another may have

Kansas Dream Job! Click for more Info.

By AHS | October 28, 2015
AHS Pharmstat has a dream job opening in Emporia, Kansas for a Retail Pharmacist!

The City of Emporia offers a great deal of recreational functions. A person can easily find themselves enjoying the splashes of the Jones Aquatic Center, playing racquetball at Emporia’s public recreation center, or wandering around in one of Emporia’s 18 parks. Read More about Emporia Here!

For more information about this opportunity, or to find other positions like this one, visit us on our website, call (877) 309-3546, or email us at information@ahspharmstat.com.

3 Questions for Any Interview

By AHS | October 22, 2015
3 Questions for Any Interview 

When you have a job opening, you need to get the position filled quickly, with the right candidate. The job interview is the perfect time to assess an applicant’s fitness for your organization.tie-690084_1280

In order to drill down to who they are and what they are about, here are three essential questions to ask!




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