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Affordable Care Act 2014: What Patients Need To Know

By AHS | September 04, 2013

Major provisions of the health care reform law go into effect in 2014
alt="Pharmacy Staffing"Patient awareness of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is increasing, but the Obama administration has a lot of work to do on promoting the controversial health care reform law as the clock ticks. Tied to 2014 are major provisions of ACA such as the option for states to expand Medicaid and the health insurance marketplaces, for which open enrollment begins Oct

Testimonial Tuesday!

By AHS | September 03, 2013
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alt="pharmacy jobs"

“Thank you both, you girls are awesome! The team is very pleasant to work with and the new pharmacist and I are working very well together. I actually have looked forward to going to work for the past 2 days.  Also, I am thrilled they asked me to stay till the end of September!  So thank you all very much for calling and "finding" me!

Dream Job Highlight!

By AHS | August 26, 2013
At AHS PharmStat, we know you have options when it comes to work, and we have opportunities for pharmacist and pharmacy technicians across the country! Our job is to help you find that dream job that makes you want to get up every morning. In places you have always dreamed of visiting. We have opportunities in beautiful areas – your dream destination. Whether you want to work permanent, relief shifts, or travel assignments, we have just the right fit for you!  Below we’ve highlighted one of the areas we currently have available. But you better hurry, here today, gon

Testimonial: Heartfelt thanks from a pharmacist

By AHS | August 20, 2013
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alt="Pharmacy Staffing"I am writing in reference to the positive experience I have had working for AHS Pharmstat. It all started when I was talking to a friend and complaining about the agencies (3 in all) that I was working with for not finding me any work. While on the phone she received another call. When she got back to me she mentioned that this agency always calls on her week to work (7on/7off). I asked her what agency it was and sh

Service with a smile

By AHS | August 20, 2013
Below is a great blog post by Jay Sochoka, RPh.  He talks about good customer service in your pharmacy - which we all know can be extremely difficult at times.  Most pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can relate to this because it's happened at least once in your career and for most of you, probably more often than you would like.  Here's a little "behind the counter" point of view on customer service...

Patients, customers, whatever you call them, they are the people who ultimately pay for my living expenses and allow for some savings. I do my best to treat them like members of my family. Unfortunately, sometimes that means I’m dealing with someone who walks up to the pharmacy coun




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