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How does your pharmacy handle cold and flu season?

By AHS | October 11, 2012
With cold and flu season upon us, the pharmacy lines get longer and pharmacist and pharmacy technicians have little time to spare.

Being a pharmacist is about more than dispensing medications.  It is also about counseling patients to improve their health and quality of life.   During the cold and flu season, pharmacists spend many hours educating patients on the seriousness of influenza and encouraging them to protect themselves against the flu.

Most peop

Testimonial Tuesday!

By AHS | October 09, 2012
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Testimonial: "I have been much more pleased with AHS Staffing than the current staffing company I am working for.  I really want to come back to work for AHS Staffing because I like working with their staff, and I enjoyed the positions AHS placed me at much better than the current staffing company I am working with." ~Audra, Pharmacist~

Thank you to all of our pharmacist and pharmacy technicians for representing AHS Pharmstat so well.  We appreciate all that you do!

Pharmacies Pull Drug From Shelves

By AHS | October 08, 2012
The world’s largest maker of generic drugs, Teva Pharmaceuticals has announced it agreed to yank its entire generic version of Wellbutrin XL from pharmacies and store shelves across the United States.

Teva’s decision followed   a report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that said the medication was not a good enough match for the original form of the drug.

The FDA took a step that was very unusual for the U.S. regulatory agency. The FDA acknowledged that the very popular generic version of Wellbutrin XL, an antidepressant, was not adequately equivalent to the original drug that GlaxoSmithKline has sold since 2003.

The FDA’s move prompted Teva, which is based in Israel, to stop all shipping of bup

Is there a oxycodone shortage? DEA says no.

By AHS | October 03, 2012
Throughout Florida, some chronic pain patients have complained that it is difficult — if not impossible — to get prescriptions for oxycodone filled at their local pharmacies.

Many of these patients are told the pharmacy is out of the painkiller. They think there is a massive oxycodone shortage, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is to blame.

And so when the DEA last month banned a Walgreens distribution center from dispensing contro

Does Prescription Abandonment Cost Your Pharmacy?

By AHS | October 02, 2012
Do you receive a prescription when you visit your physician?

People go to doctor offices for a variety of reasons — for annual physicals, for checkups after previous appointments, to figure out why something is acting up or if they just feel sick. Whatever the reasons, most of them walk out of the office with a prescription in hand, according to an exclusive survey of nearly 800 patients conducted by AccentHealth and DSN in late July and early August.

Of the 784 patients asked "Did your doctor write a prescription(s) during your most recent visit" in a recent poll by AccentHealth and DSN, 59% said "yes," a number that is in line with AccentHealth norms and national estimates.

But do all of those p




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