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Battling Whooping Cough. Are Pharmacist the Key?

By AHS | August 08, 2012
Pertussis, or whooping cough, is an infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract characterized by coughing spasms (or paroxysms) often followed by an inspiratory whoop or vomiting.  Symptoms can last for several weeks.  Adolescents and adults with pertussis generally have mild symptoms not requiring hospitalization but are an important route of transmission of pertussis to infants. Infants with pertussis, especially younger than 6 months, often require hospitalization for supportive care for coughing spasms and feeding difficulties.  Complications can include pneumonia, encephalopathy, seizures, and death.

Reflecting the value of community pharmacy, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores is answer

Freaky Friday!

By AHS | July 27, 2012

At AHS PharmStat, we know how hard pharmacist and pharmacy technicians work.  And some days are just better than others.







That’s why each Friday we are going to post Freaky Friday!  Tell us …The good.  The bad.  And…the “Freak of the Week

Pharmacist Ready to Discuss Olympic Drug and Doping Scandals

By AHS | July 25, 2012
When a story breaks about an athlete being caught for doping at the 2012 Summer Games, Philip Wenger, Pharm.D., BCPS, will be able to answer your most pressing questions.

Specifically, Dr. Wenger can speak to:
• why the substance was banned;
• potential performance benefits;
• short-term health problems from using the drug;
• long-term health consequences.

Dr. Wenger is a nationally recognized expert on sports doping. He has been interviewed

Should Pharmacists Be Given Prescription Authority?

By AHS | July 24, 2012
The country’s largest association of medical doctors has come out against expanding the role of pharmacists in prescribing medications.

The American Medical Association’s House of Delegates has adopted a policy against allowing pharmacists to prescribe medication without oversight by or an order from a physician. The policy, adopted at the organization’s annual meeting held last month in Chicago, opposes federal or state legislation that would give independent prescribing power to pharmacists or allow them to extend a prescription past its expiration.

The policy was adopted in reaction to a proposal floated by the FDA in March to shift certain prescription drugs for chronic conditions to a new category of OTC dr

Problem Solvers

By AHS | July 23, 2012
Guest Blog
By:  The Redheaded Pharmacist

How would you describe the job of pharmacist to someone?  What would you list as our primary functions?  Is the answer as cut and dry as you’d expect?

I remember years ago sitting with my district pharmacy supervisor during one of those inevitable employee evaluations.  Any employee of a larger company knows what I mean.  The annual ritual of being evaluated is just one of those little necessary evils we endure as employees.

So as I sat there my district pharmacy supervisor asked me a simple question as part of the generic evaluation process.  She asks me “what would you say your job involves?”  Simple right?  You




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