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The Choice Between Independents and Corporations

By AHS | October 25, 2016

The Choice Between Independents and Corporations

Job seeking is tough. In the pharmaceutical world, options include big name companies and small-town independent markets? So, which one is best?

Go Big

Brand recognition is paramount to successful business. Big companies mass advertising resources enable them to be so familiar they get first consideration by patients who need medication.

Making a Difference

By AHS | October 17, 2016

Making a Difference

Like doctors and nurses, pharmacists are tasked with learning essential, life-saving information and skills. What chemicals comprise a medication? What are the side effects? Which medications interact with each other, and the list goes on.

Far more than medication distribution, a pharmacist is an invaluable resource. Just as the pharmacist needs to know how to read a prescription, he needs to be able to read his patient. The pharmacist is another line of

Infusion Pharmacist Dream Job in Oregon!

By AHS | October 17, 2016

We have an immediate opening for an Infusion Pharmacist in Portland, Oregon!

International Culinary Festival, Bridges of Portland, Jambalaya Festival, Stunning parks and recreation opportunities, delectable restaurants and plenty of entertainment... Portland is the "it" place to be! Learn more about what makes Portland, "Portland," here.

Pharmacy Technician Dream Job in Ohio!

By AHS | October 07, 2016

We have an immediate opening for a pharmacy technician in Worthington, Ohio.  

Founded in 1803, Worthington offers a small town, family friendly atmosphere with a relaxed lifestyle.  Learn more about Worthington here

If you would like to learn more information about this opportunity, or to find other positions like this one, visit us 

5 Keys for New Hires

By AHS | September 26, 2016

5 Keys for New Hires

When looking for employment, every job seeker needs to be, first and foremost, passionate about their career path. The pharmaceutical industry as a whole requires intense commitment to accuracy. Employees with lackadaisical attitudes tend to forego precision.

Along with interest comes curiosity, a drive to stay in front of industry trends like regulatory changes, upcoming procedural changes, and innovations in the industry. Check out this quick overview of basic attributes employe




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