I will lecture customers for not taking their medication. I’ll tell them about that blood pressure number they bring me after sitting down at the checking station we have at work. I’ve said the phrase “you need to see a doctor as soon as possible” about a thousand times in relation to a health issue they’ve confided in me to help solve. So why don’t I take better care of myself? Why don’t I take a dose of my own medicine?

As I think about it my credibility is in question as I tell patients the importance of early screenings for this or that while at the same time I avoid scheduling even a routine physical with my primary care doctor who hasn’t seen me in so long he may have forgotten I’m one of his patients anyway. You would think I would be better about seeing a physician regularly given my chosen profession. In reality it is all I can do for myself to schedule an eye doctor appointment on a regular basis and that is only because I literally can’t see well enough to drive to work if I skip those appointments and don’t get a new contact lens prescription!

They say doctors make the worst patients. Well maybe pharmacists aren’t far behind them on that bad patient list. Or maybe that generalization isn’t fair and it’s just me personally that is the problem. But the crazy thing about it all is I know better. I can’t plead ignorance. I’m well aware of the consequences of not taking care of your body. Why? Because I see the damage that can be done day after day at work.

I see customers coming in all the time that haven’t taken care of themselves and are paying the price. And yes, some things you are just born with or can’t control but I would venture to guess that a lot of the health issues I see day after day at work are a direct reflection of how well that individual patient took care of themselves over the course of years or even decades. So why is that important? Well I guess you could say that I’m getting a glimpse of my future if I don’t wake up and take better care of myself.

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