Pharmacist  National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Executive Vice President and CEO Kathleen Jaeger issued the following statement in response to the annual Gallup survey rating public sentiment about various professions for their honesty and ethics:

"Gallup has been polling Americans about their views of various professions for decades, and once again pharmacists rank among the top professions for honesty and ethics. In fact, the confidence Americans place in pharmacists actually increased this year. Respondents to the 2010 poll gave pharmacists the largest one-year percentage increase in trustworthiness of any profession included in the 2009 survey. Pharmacists are knowledgeable, accessible and take time to answer patients' questions. So it's no wonder that pharmacists are held in high regard.

"We congratulate America's pharmacists on this achievement in 2010 and over the past few decades. It is a testament to their tireless efforts working in their stores with patients every day to earn and keep such trust and confidence. In particular, it is independent community pharmacists who are leading the way for the pharmacy profession, as evidenced by their very high patient satisfaction rates recorded by Consumer Reports and J.D. Power & Associates.

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