AHS Pharmstat

Pharmacy technicians are the professionals on the front lines of the pharmacy who bring passion, dedication and commitment every day in providing patients the medications they need. They are the glue that holds the pharmacy together. They are the pulse that keeps the pharmacy beating. and on behalf of patients and pharmacy professionals across America, thank you for making us feel better!  After careful consideration we have chosen an AHS PharmStat Pharmacy Technician of the Year!

Congratulations to Gracie!  She is the winner of a $100 Visa Gift Card from AHS PharmStat for being our Pharmacy Technician of the Year! 

Below is the nomination for Gracie:

My nomination for technician of the year is Gracie. You immediately notice her serene smile and confident persona. There’s other character traits about her I’d like to talk about.

Gracie is a compassionate, friendly, and knowledgeable about her customers. She knows them by name, and she sounds like she brightens their day. When they come for their orders, she’s aware if there’s anything ready for them or if it’s pending because of insurance or on order. Also if a customer is frustrated over a prescription, for instance over the pricing and/or insurance, she adequately handles the situation without the pharmacist getting involved.

There’s great comeraderie among the technician team, and I feel she’s the pillar for that. When the other technician or clerk has a question, Gracie’s approachable, knows the answer, and knows when to defer the matter to the pharmacist. Things seem to run smoother when she’s there. When she senses there’s uneasiness between her co-worker and a customer, she steps up to the situation in a way that puts everyone at ease.

Additionally accuracy and attention to detail are also her strengths. If someone makes a mistake, she’s careful to point it out and/or explain it. She’s mindful of keeping the order up to date and whether something can wait to be ordered. Clutter is kept to a minimum.

In addition to being a wife and mom, she’s just been diagnosed with a debilitating and dire condition. You wouldn’t know it except that people coming by the pharmacy would constantly remark they were happy to see her back at work. She had been out awhile upon the initial diagnosis. She doesn’t carry a victim mentality of herself and isn’t afraid to discuss her diagnosis. She gives a new definition for courage.

I’ve worked with many competent and confident technicians, but Gracie Garza stands out as my recommendation for Outstanding AHS PharmStat Technician of the Year.

Again, congratulations Gracie from AHS PharmStat!  And thank you to everyone for submitting so many wonderful nominations!