When your business grows, do you hire more employees?  Or are you reluctant - fearful the economy will drop-off again? If your company is fearful to hire additional employees because it doesn't want to be "stuck" with employees they don't need, maybe the answer is temporary employees. Temporary staffing can help This is even the case in most pharmacies on a seasonal basis.  During winter months when cold and flu season spikes, your business will spike as well.  If you don't want to hire full-time pharmacist and pharmacy technicians, maybe the answer is temporary employees who can help you get through the season - and still cater to your customers in a professional and timely manner. Or what about summer months?  Do you see an increase in allergies or injuries with people spending more time outdoors?  Or maybe your pharmacists and techs go on vacation with their families.  Whatever the case, a staffing agency can help get you through those times of need and "you" as a pharmacy owner are not spending a countless hours interviewing and doing the necessary tests to get qualified candidates through your door. Partnering with a Staffing Agency Partnering with a staffing agency to bring in temporary pharmacists can also help avoid burnout and disgruntled employees who have been overworked.  Whether it is for several days (relief pharmacists) or several months (temporary), an agency who specializes in pharmacy staffing will have a pool of qualified candidates who can step in, focus on the task at hand, and help you get through until your permanent staff returns. Temp to Perm Temporary staff may turn into permanent staff.  In many cases, a pharmacist or pharmacy technician will work relief or temporary shifts for a pharmacy and the pharmacy ends up hiring them permanently.  This is a great way for a pharmacy to "try out" an employee (and vice versa)  and make sure it is a good fit for everyone. A specialized staffing agency like AHS PharmStat you can save time and money.  With the number of pharmacist and pharmacy technicians at an all time high, you may be overwhelmed with the number of applicants you receive once you've placed an ad for an open position.  Your Human Resources department could spend days weeding through applicants conducting screening and skills test to find a candidate with the right skill set to fit your need.  Only to realize after you've hired them that their personality doesn't "mesh" with others in the pharmacy.   With a temporary employee through a staffing agency, you get the luxury of having someone do all of that for you - and the ability to try them out before you hire them full-time.  It's a win/win situation. So, you don't think you need a staffing agency? You may not need them now - but chances are there will be a time when you do.  Be proactive and develop a relationship with a professional staffing agency to help identify needs for the future.  That way, when the unexpected happens, you will be prepared and the staffing firm will be ready to step in and provide you with the necessary resources for you to do business as usual without affecting your productivity.

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