With Spring Break just around the corner, and summer only months away, how do you handle staff shortage? alt="Pharmacy Jobs"We all know pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are human.  They have families and take vacations just like the rest of us.  Question is, what does your pharmacy do when that happens?  Do you have a pool of qualified employees sitting at home waiting for you to call? If not, we can help!  AHS PharmStat is proactive in finding qualified pharmacist and pharmacy technicians across the country.  We spend countless hours making sure these employees have all the necessary credentials to start to work at a moments notice. So, the next time you panic and don't know how you are going to keep your pharmacy doors open - give us a call!  Or, better yet, go ahead and set-up all the necessary information in our system today -  in case you have a need tomorrow.

For more information, contact: AHS PharmStat 877-309-3546 www.ahspharmstat.com