LA Times 

Below is Nicole Brochu column on Moral Objections.  What are your thoughts on this issue?

One's moral conscience is a very personal matter, individual to each of us and often strongly held. And in a country that cherishes personal freedoms, we all should have the right and room to live own lives guided by those beliefs and principles. Of course, that requires letting others do the same — which the most sanctimonious among us just can't seem to manage.

The unwelcome urge to force one's own beliefs onto others is outrageous enough, but it becomes downright dangerous when it comes at the expense of someone else's health and safety.

Case in point: The Walgreens pharmacist who invoked Idaho's moral conscience protections by refusing to fill a prescription for a medication to control bleeding because she suspected the patient had had an abortion.

Now, the pharmacist didn't know for sure what procedure the patient had had — a live, healthy birth and an accidental miscarriage are other possibilities — and she couldn't, because it's none of her business, and confidentiality laws prevented the nurse practitioner ordering the prescription from satisfying the pharmacist's probing curiosity.

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