Rachel Forster, Director of Pharmacy at Sidney Regional Medical Center, has organized a relief effort for the victims of the Oklahoma tornados. Donations are being accepted from now through Tuesday, May 28 at 5:00 p.m. The donated items will be delivered to Oklahoma next week. Items for donations can include hygiene/sanitary products, bandages, non-perishable food, clothing, diapers and wipes, baby formula, children’s toys (such as coloring books, crayons, stuffed animals, books), pain relieve products, tents, sleeping bags, pillows, paper plates, Styrofoam cups, can openers, pet food and carriers or leashes and similar items. The hospital in Moore was severely damaged, but they are still providing relief efforts to people. At this time, there is a shortage of necessary supplies. The donations will be taken to the hospital in Moore so that things can be distributed to the needy people in the area. Forster has been in direct contact with the director of pharmacy at the Moore hospital. You may take donations to SRMC between now and 5:00 p.m. Tuesday. Forster hopes that the “community of Sidney will show their love and support for our fellow Americans afflicted by this natural disaster” and she thanks everyone for their support. Forster said this effort began when “I was watching the Weather Channel Tuesday morning and was appalled by the total devastation. So I sent a text to my boss, Julie Slagle, to see if we could do something to reach out and show our support for all the people who lost everything.” Slagle gave the necessary approval. “Then I made a phone call to the Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy to find the name and contact information for the Director of Pharmacy at the Moore Medical Center in Moore,” Forster continued. “ I also received the contact information for pharmacists for the sister facilities who actually emailed me the same day and said the sister facilities were in good condition and had been able to absorb all the patients from Moore Medical Center. “At that point I felt like we weren't going to be able to help. Then I received an email from the actual Director of Pharmacy from Moore Medical Center who briefly told me of her harrowing experience in the hospital while the tornado struck. She said she would be volunteering her time in any way she could to help with the recovery and gave me her address to send supplies to,” Forster said. Forster also received an email from Dr. Jennifer Brown, one of the doctors SRMC has hired who is in her residency in Oklahoma City. She too offered her address for sending supplies. “In talking with a couple of my co-workers, Tami Sorensen and Marie Greene, we thought this could be much bigger and we could really make an impact,” Forster explained. “We brain-stormed, starting making phone calls, sending emails and that is how we got this started. People just came forward and wanted to help.” In conclusion, Forster said. “Within a matter of hours, we had our first donation from 5-year-old Rayah Wolff who brought in a box of toys for the children who lost everything. This really exemplifies the spirit of Americans. We are fortunate to live in a great country and a great community where people help people.” Read more at The Sidney-Sun Telegraph  

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