A spoonful of sugar might help this go down -- but we doubt it.

The head of the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy wants the members to consider a regulation similar to one adopted recently in Ohio, which limits the number of times someone can transfer prescriptions from one pharmacy to another.

Unless the medications in question are the heavily regulated Schedule II drugs such as oxycodone, Pennsylvanians are free to fill their prescriptions anywhere and transfer to another pharmacy any time they choose.

Since Jan. 1, Ohio residents now are limited to one transfer a year, even for non-addictive, preventative medications.

Both Ohio and Pennsylvania regulators say the transfers are just getting out of hand, increasing the risk that errors will be made to the prescriptions.

There are any number of reasons people might want stop doing business with one pharmacist and switch to another -- for convenience, perhaps, or if they had a bad experience at the first pharmacy.

But the driving force behind the increase in transfers -- and the moves to restrict them -- are the prescription coupons offered by big retailers with pharmacies.

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