Looking for a job in pharmacy?  There are plenty out there you just might need a little help finding the perfect fit. alt="Jobs for Pharmacists"So you've decided on pharmacy as a career.  You've taken the necessary steps to earn your degree and now you are ready to find your dream job in the pharmacy industry.  But where do you start?  Sure, you would love to work for your community pharmacy that is right down the street, but what if they aren't hiring?  So the search begins.  With only so many hours in a day and school loans to pay-off, you may be working a part-time or temporary job until you find a pharmacy job - which is probably cutting down on the time you can spend searching. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2012, average gross salary for pharmacists at retail, mail, and specialty pharmacies was $117,000—up 2.7% from 2011.  Of the 1,089 occupations in the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey, the “pharmacist” classification ranked 35th in compensation. (The top 10 most highly compensated U.S. occupations are all physician-related.) and Pharmacist salaries grew faster than did overall healthcare worker salaries and overall U.S. salaries. So according to statistics, you've made a good decision on deciding on a profession that has longevity and continued growth.  Now you just have to find a position that is a good fit for your lifestyle.  That is where a pharmacy staffing agency comes into play.  Pharmacy staffing agents will partner with you and search for a pharmacy position on your behalf.  They will handle the salary negotiations and all the necessary screening and tests needed to start your new job. AHS PharmStat wants to be your advocate for finding the placement you desire, the salary you deserve, and the tools you need to be effective in your profession. Whether you want relief work, a part-time position, a permanent position, or prefer local or travel assignments, AHS PharmStat will work to connect you with the perfect placement for your lifestyle. We have a growing number of placements nationwide that allow our pharmacists a better variety of pharmacy jobs to choose from no matter your location. So if you are a new graduate, a veteran pharmacist or pharmacy technician, or just getting back into the workforce from retirement, we can help!  Our team of pharmacy staffing professionals will be happy to assist you and work along side you to help find you a perfect fit!

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