Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us... alt="Pharmacy Staffing"I am writing in reference to the positive experience I have had working for AHS Pharmstat. It all started when I was talking to a friend and complaining about the agencies (3 in all) that I was working with for not finding me any work. While on the phone she received another call. When she got back to me she mentioned that this agency always calls on her week to work (7on/7off). I asked her what agency it was and she told me about AHS Pharmstat. That was my first time hearing of this company so I decided to give them a try. I called immediately after our phone call. I expressed interest in the government program and was transferred to Joseph Hill.  He listened to me, asked a few questions and had me fax over my resume. He literally found me government work the next day. I was astonished at the speed in which this occurred. This made me very upset with the other agencies that continually told me no about government work because I had no experience with the computer system. My first assignment I literally had ½ a day of training. The pharmacist training me said they never had anyone pick up the system that quickly. I was off to a great start. I was also the first pharmacist to ever get an extension at that facility. This boded well not just for me, but for AHS. We all looked good, and everywhere they have sent me, I have gotten extensions. I am so grateful to Joe for his faith in me and the opportunity to grow as a pharmacist. Also, working for the government makes me more apt to become employable by them (it’s a very hard, long and tedious process). My last assignment held another surprise for me. I wasn’t looking for love, but actually met my future husband at that facility. So AHS not only helped my finances, they helped me find a pharmacist partner. I owe a big debt of gratitude to this agency. They call to see how I’m doing, how is the site, my accommodations, the people I’m working with, etc. I feel like they really care and this lends itself to doing your best. I am so thankful they interrupted my girlfriend’s call that day. Speaking of which, she’s back in school to get her PharmD, but she told me that when she’s done she wants to work for you and travel too! I’m spreading the word (I have 2 other pharmacists who came on board). Sincerely hearfelt, Rodalyn, RPh Thank you to all of our pharmacist  and pharmacy technicians who represent AHS Pharmstat so well.  We appreciate all that you do!  If you would like to submit a testimonial, send it to: AHS PharmStat Testimonial.   For employment opportunities, send resume to: or give us a call 877-309-3546. Thank you, AHS PharmStat Team