Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! alt="jobs for pharmacy technicians" “The one thing I want everyone to know is what an honor it is to hold this position. It is a tremendous responsibility but so rewarding! I feel that because I am at work, I can help someone sick feel better and I know I will be missed if I'm not there. That is what gets me out of bed in the morning. It's the best job in the world! Organizations like yours show everyone how important we are to the industry and you help dispel the myths so many people feel about us. I love the support and encouragement you always give me, I really feel cared about and appreciated and would never want to work for any other agency. Thank YOU for all you do for me!”  ~Lisa, Pharmacy Technician~ Thank you to all of our pharmacist  and pharmacy technicians for representing AHS Pharmstat so well.  We appreciate all that you do! If you would like to submit a testimonial, send it to: AHS PharmStat Testimonial. Thank you, AHS PharmStat Team