For all you friend of AHS PharmStat, I want to give you all a challenge. In addition to using this site to post job information which is, of course, very important, we want to make this wall a FORUM for PHARMACY DISCUSSIONS.  We can post questions but we need YOU to give us some content.
Did you have a bad day in the pharmacy....Tell us!
Did you have an idea that you could share?
Do you have a question or want to do a poll or get other pharmacists' opinions
Did you see a great article?

We want to unite pharmacists across the States and start to hear some ideas about what you would like to change in the pharmacy or legislation.

Remember, no names are to be used.  Now come on, I know you all have something to say!  You can either post your discussion below, or email if you would like to remain anonymous.

Thank you!
AHS PharmStat