As part of an ongoing effort to keep our clients and candidates informed, AHS PharmStat is committed to using new technology and methods of communication in order to better serve the pharmacy community. alt="pharmacy jobs"When you think about it, twenty years ago no one had ever heard of facebook, twitter and other social networking sites.  Now, just about everyone has access to the internet and most have a smartphone or mobile device where they can get their news and information immediately.  And when you have an emergency, or need to fill a shift quickly, that’s just what you need…immediate response.  We see this as a great opportunity to connect with pharmacist, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy owners. Sometimes it can be a difficult task to fill multiple shifts, or find a permanent placement.  You can invest man hours and money and still not find the right person.  That’s why AHS PharmStat made the decision to invest in keeping everyone informed through technology.  We feel we will be able to do things more efficiently and our clients and candidates will be better informed.  And in the end, satisfied customers - which is our ultimate goal.  

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