Retail Pharmacies - the one-stop shop for customers. alt="Jobs for Pharmacists"Does your pharmacy provide vaccinations or other services?  Offering additional services is quickly becoming a great way to help build your business. In addition to filling prescriptions, pharmacies are now offering services that include vaccines to minor cosmetic procedures, such as administering Botox. According to a recent article in Pharmacy Times, many pharmacists can now provide vaccinations for trips abroad, seasonal illnesses such as the flu and pneumonia, and dangerous diseases such as pertussis (whooping cough) and meningitis. Pharmacists are well-positioned to provide these vaccinations as patients frequently find it easier to stop by their neighborhood pharmacy than to go to a doctor’s office. The question is, if your pharmacy is offering multiple services to customers, does it take away from your 1:1 customer service?   Starting a vaccine program is a great way to create and maintain loyalty especially among the elderly customers.  This adds a service that most will get annually whether you offer it or not but now you are a one-stop shop where they can get their prescriptions filled and a flu shot all in one visit.  While adding additional services may increase revenue but will it take away time normally spent consulting with patients? Some pharmacies are now offering delivery services to local customers at their home and businesses.  Just be sure if your pharmacy adds delivery service, that customers get their delivery when promised.  So this service requires some strategic planning. Pharmacy, like any other business, has become very competitive.  So if or when you decide to expand your business and add additional services, be sure you do it well.  Initial planning is the key to help you succeed. Pharmacists play a major role in healthcare.  By applying their expertise, they can make a difference in the lives of so many in their community. Read more at Pharmacy Times

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