Government shutdown and your pharmacy services alt="pharmacy jobs"     National Military Family Association Will access to health care be impacted? TRICARE has issued a statement about the government shutdown. If you normally get your health care in a military hospital or military clinic, you may find reduced hours. Each military treatment facility (MTF) will establish appointment hours and access to services including lab and pharmacy services. Depending on each military hospital or military clinic’s staffing, there will probably be a different mix of available services. We advise families to call whatever phone number you would normally call for information or to make an appointment before you travel to your military hospital or military clinic for any reason. Pharmacy coverage is available. However, if you receive your prescriptions from a military hospital or clinic, please check the pharmacy for updated hours. If you cannot access a military pharmacy, you may have your prescription filled at a network pharmacy.  For more information, go to:  National Military Family Association. According to, the Naval Hospital Jacksonville furloughed 168 civilian employees, a quarter of its workforce, though the hospital and its five branch clinics stayed open. Service members will be paid as usual.  The most visible effect of the shutdown will be longer wait times at the system’s pharmacies and clinics, as well as delays in making hospital appointments, said Tami Begasse, a hospital public affairs officer.
According to the Huffington Post, Hospitals should be running normally, or close to normal. VA health care is protected. In 2009, Congress passed a law to fund the VA one year in advance. This allows the VA health care to plan ahead and ensures that VA health care is funded for an additional year beyond the government shut down. All VA medical appointment and prescription drug phone lines will be active during the shutdown. The Veterans Crisis Line will also be protected from a shutdown.
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