Blog post written by:  Redheaded Pharmacist

Whatever happened to that ideal pharmacy technician to pharmacist ratio of 2:1? Shouldn’t one pharmacist be limited to the number of technicians that are under their direction? And what about the volume you typically need to even get three technicians in this current community pharmacy environment where help is scare but volumes continue to grow? When will safety become a real priority?

I can remember hearing about the ideal pharmacy technician to pharmacist ratio even back when I was in school. It seemed that for optimal results a pharmacy shouldn’t operate with too many technicians without having additional pharmacists on duty to handle the workload. But just like many of the other rules that are in place for public safety this one seemed to have been forgotten.

But onthe one hand it is hard to complain about not having that ideal ratio. That simply means the pharmaciston duty has more than two technicians working with them which these days seems like quite a luxury for most pharmacies. But past a certainvolume shouldn’tthere be additional help for the pharmacist on duty? When is an additional pharmacist finally recognized as necessary to safely fill a certain volume of prescriptions?

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