In the world of digital media, does your pharmacy use social media or automated services to communicate? alt="Pharmacy staffing"Social media is a cultural shift.  The days of face-to-face communication is becoming less often by the day.  So how does your pharmacy communicate with their patients? In today's fast paced world some pharmacies not only have automated refills, but they have a "proactive" automated system that calls and leaves a message that you have refills available and would you like for them to go ahead and fill it.  Or you can call into the pharmacy, listen to the automated message, and press a number to refill your prescription. What ever happened to the days of communicating with a person and developing a relationship with your pharmacist?  Do you ever feel like those days are long gone?  Or, do you take the time to stop and talk to your patients? Recently I was at a grocery store looking at the otc medicine and I heard someone say, "can I help you find something?"  I was startled and turned around and it was a pharmacy technician.  He was so nice and helpful.  I asked him a question regarding some eye drops and he said he didn't know, but he would be happy to get the pharmacist if I had additional questions.  Wow, what a refreshing change from an automated voice.  I actually walked away thinking - I really like that guy and need to come back here more often. But what does this world of digital marketing mean for the healthcare system?  Social networking is just as much about community building as anything else.  So pharmacies can use it to their advantage.  Build the community...and they will come.  But what do you do with them once they are there? Building relationships with your healthcare provider(s) is an important part of staying healthy.  Medication management and consultations with your pharmacist play a vital role in long term health care.  Will this go away? As pharmacies continue to compete for business and add more and more services and promotions, will this change the landscape of the community pharmacy? Technology plays an important role.  The immediacy of a text, or a voice automated reminder that your prescription is ready is all very helpful.  But we can't lose sight of the fact that face-to-face customer service is crucial in dealing with patients.  Especially for the elderly who don't own a computer or a cell phone.  Hopefully, pharmacist and pharmacy technicians will always be readily available no matter how much the environment around us demands digital. Give us your feedback.

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