Lets start a discussion to formulate an action plan

1 What are the current legal obligations of a pharmacist to ensure patient safety? What section of federal law states joint liability?

2 What would you do in terms of reporting? DEA, DPS, your management, State Board, all of them?
3 What do you do in the meantime, i.e the very next prescription?

4 What information/communication would you have with other area pharmacists?

5 What would you tell his patients assuming they know you have it in stock?

6 What is the current law regarding PA's, FNP's (mid-level), office workers etc regarding issuing these prescriptions when the doctor is not on-site?

We have all been there. Lets formulate a protocol we all agree on and then implement it! Lets be very specific and also give examples of any past successes/ failures. Remember, NO NAME HERE.  Feel free to use an alias in the comment area below if you want to remain anonymous.