Blog post by:  The Redheaded Pharmacist

It seems that I am developing a certain condition as I gain years of experience as a retail pharmacist. I find the pleasure of talking to anyone on the phone less and less desirable as the days, months, and years go by. It is becoming more noticeable as I grow older. Is it just a personality trait of mine or a product of my work environment over the years (or both)?
We all know how crazy it can get at work. It seems like it takes a divine act to get even a few quiet minutes of time to do anything behind the counter at work. Filling prescriptions almost seems like an afterthought with everything else that goes on in the average pharmacy every working day.

And a big part of the mix that results in this chaos is the phone. Sure many people have cellular phones to keep themselves connected to the world. We all love the ability to talk with someone at the press of a button. Heck, there is even voice activated dialing now to skip even the small step of dialing the phone! Connecting with people via technology is too easy not to take advantage of right?

But at work the phone takes on an entirely different and somewhat sinister meaning. When you put on your pharmacist’s hat at work the phone becomes the enemy. And it will fight any attempt you have at hard work or productivity. The phone should be renamed the pharmacy’s “horrible interruption device” because that is exactly what it does to you while you try to solve problems and fill prescriptions.And all of the pharmacy customers that have ever shopped at your store know the number of the pharmacy as if it is some cruel joke being played out on all of us for some unexplained reason.

I remember a recent holiday shift where the phone played an integral part in how difficult that day really was at work. I use the term holiday very loosely in the sense that on this day, President’s Day, I of course was working but many people had off work including several of the area doctors surrounding the store I was floating at on this particular weekday. But there was one large exception to this closure rule: the urgent care facility directly across the street from this store where I had my President’s Day shift. And business was booming at that urgent care. And that set the stage for a very interesting day.

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