Are you living your dream? alt = "pharmacy jobs"       If you are a pharmacist, you spent a minimum of six years in college studying, stressing and hopefully doing what you dreamed of doing...becoming a pharmacist.  Most people go through life not really knowing what they want to do.  They think one day it will happen.  A light bulb will come on or something will fall into my lap and I'll know.  But when talking to doctors, pharmacist, nurses or other healthcare professionals, they new going into the profession that is what they wanted to do.  Why else would you stay in school that long? Unfortunately for some, they finish school, have massive school loans and then struggle to find a job in the profession they've longed to work in.  So they end up taking the first pharmacy position that comes along.  For some it turns out to be a lifelong career.  For others, they get stuck in a job they don't really like and wonder why they ever invested so much time and money. It's like the commercial... Pharmacist graduates pharm school.  Pharmacist gets job.  Pharmacist doesn't like job so he quits.  Pharmacist ends up in traveling circus because he can't find another job.  Pharmacist can't pay school loans so bank comes looking for him.  Don't end up in a traveling circus. Well, not quite to that degree, but you get the point. The hardest part is that fine line between "new grad" and "seasoned professional" when looking for a pharmacy job.  The new pharmacy grad is tech savvy, eager, and ready to go to work but has no experience.   The "seasoned pharmacist" has plenty of experience but may not be as tech savvy or has been in a position he/she doesn't like therefore may not be as eager or excited to start looking again. That's where a pharmacy staffing agency comes into play.  It is their job to work on your behalf.  You don't have to make phone calls on your lunch break or go door-to-door hoping for an interview.  A professional staffing agent can help you find the position that best fits your skill set.  They may already have the "perfect" fit for you in the area you desire. At AHS PharmStat, we have large national clients who have openings for both pharmacist and pharmacy technicians across the country.  From relief shifts to permanent positions - they are looking to add qualified pharmacy professionals to their team.  It is our job to find those opportunities for you.  Saving you time, money and a lot of stressful nights worrying about what to do next - we've got it covered! So whether you are a recent pharmacy graduate, or a seasoned pharmacy professional - we can help!  Contact one of our many pharmacy staffing agents today 877-309-3546 or

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