Now is the time to start planning for summer vacations alt= "Pharmacy jobs" As the temperatures start to warm-up, most healthcare professionals are ready for a break!  Winter weather related injuries on top of cold and flu season can put a toll on doctors and pharmacists.  With summer just around the corner, it might be time for a break. Did you know that summer is one of the busiest times for relief pharmacists and pharmacy technicians?  Whether it is a planned family vacation or unexpected emergency, our team experiences a high volume of open relief shifts during May - August. If your pharmacy is short staffed or needs relief help, give us a call 877-309-3546.  We have relief pharmacists and pharmacy technicians across the country ready and willing to work. Or, if you know a pharmacist or pharmacy technician who likes to work relief shifts, have them send us their information and we will put them on our “Relief Call Team.”  This team is a pool of qualified pharmacy professionals who like earning extra income on their days off work.  Once in our system, you will be notified when there is an opportunity in your area. The AHS PharmStat Team is here to help and will work on your behalf to help find you a relief shift, or place you in a permanent position in the area you desire.

Give us a call 877-309-3546 or qualified candidates can send resume

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