So you graduated pharmacy school, now what? alt="pharmacy jobs" You have spent six to eight years to obtain a qualification of a pharmacist.  Now that you have graduated, it's time to find a job and in most cases, pay off those student loans. After all the money you've invested and handwork, many pharmacy grads do not get a job as a pharmacist because they don't know where to start and the market may be oversaturated in their area.  Which leaves you asking:  How is it possible?  There is a pharmacy on every corner. Your first step is knowing the area you want to work.  Is it close to your home?  Or are you open to moving to another state?  If you aren't tied to a particular area, your job search becomes much more broad.  Once you've narrowed that down, now you can start looking for open positions. For most pharmacy graduates, finding a good pharmacy staffing agency can be a tremendous help.  A pharmacy staffing agency builds relationships within the industry and can usually help place you in the area you desire.  They will work on your behalf and negotiate salary and benefits so you don't have to. In some cases, they will find temporary work or relief shifts that will get you out earning money and possibly get your foot in the door.  If you are going it alone without an agency, that doesn't leave a lot of "free time" to look for a job. Another area that a pharmacy staffing agency can help you with is the interview process.  They will coach you on questions that a potential employer may ask.  What to ask for, and what not to say.  This is their area of expertise so you can feel confident going into your interview prepared. As a staffing agent, his or her job is to know the client and be able to find the "best fit" for their pharmacy and team.  Once they get to know you, they should be able to contact pharmacies in your desired area and let them know they have a qualified candidate ready to work.  By contacting pharmacies on your own, you usually don't get to talk to the decision makers. So whether you are a new graduate, or a seasoned pharmacist, a pharmacy staffing agency is there to help place you in the position you desire with the salary you deserve. AHS PharmStat's team has more than 70 years of healthcare staffing.  Our job is to make your job easy.  If you would like to talk to one of our staffing agents, call 877-309-3546 or email:

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