Pharmacy jobs for the pharmacist and pharmacy technicians across the country. alt = "pharmacy jobs"                 Pharmacy jobs are a hot commodity.  Yes, some areas of the country may be saturated with new pharmacy graduates and seasoned pharmacists, but the role of a pharmacist has changed and is continuing to evolve making it in higher demand. Pharmacists are now taking on more responsibilities, i.e. immunizations, MTM and more.  They are the "healthcare consultant" and more and more patients are relying on them in lieu of a physician they may not be able to get in touch with.  Pharmacists are readily available to consult with patients. One area that is in high demand is the Relief Pharmacist and Relief Pharmacy Technician.  Relief shifts are especially high in the summer months.  With employees going on vacation, or just taking much needed time off, pharmacies have to staff their pharmacy in order to keep the doors open. A lot of pharmacists and technicians like to work relief shifts as a way to earn extra income on their days off work.  Pharmacy graduates can use relief shifts as a way to get their foot in the door for a potential permanent pharmacy job. If you are interested in working relief shifts, join our Relief Shift Call Team.  This team is a pool of qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who have expressed interest in working relief shifts.  Once in our system, we notify them when shifts are available in their area. If you want to join our team and be the first to hear about opportunities in your area, send your resume to: or go to our website: and complete a Quick Apply.

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