This is to all you fellow ROAD WARRIORS who spend countless hours in your cars driving to crazy towns in the middle of nowhere. Don't let these hours slip away. They can be used to your advantage. I want to know what you do in your cars to alleviate the boredom....and keep it clean! I'll start the ball rolling...

Mr. Bean - Drives to the Dentist

1 Dental the Mr Bean episode above. I too use drive time to floss, brush teeth and, on occasion, use teeth whitening products...but make sure you have some water left!

2 Call people you would never call if you weren't bored out of your skull. You know, the ones that you don't really have time for now or never really liked that much to begin with. Also, distant relatives that you have to keep up with.

3 Country and Western music.. This is often the road warriors only companion if he hasn't gone the satellite radio route. It can help get you in the mood for the more rural assignments. Also, it can remind you to pay your next XM radio bill on time.

4 Singing.. If you are like me then you are a prolific singer and what better place than in your car. You can really let it all go. I will warn you, though, if you have been on the freeway with all the windows down and you come to a stop, if you are still singing Stayin' Alive in your best falsetto, the locals will almost certainly shoot you be careful

5 Organize your center console. If you share your car with your spouse and I don't if I can help it, then your center console may be a potpourri of earrings, candy wrappers, receipts and often upwards of $1,200.00 in loose change. Get a plastic bag and dump it all out. You may find that coupon that you were looking for that expired 3 years ago.

6 Scan your car for OBD II codes. If you have a German car like me, then you will be familiar with this one. I reset one at least every week.

7 Armor-all your dash. This is only for the truly obsessive car detailer. You can buy the disposable cloths at Walmart and do it as you go. I am a little sick, I know.

8 Learn a foreign language. Many choices here, obviously Spanish would be a good one..haven't seen the Texan dialect yet but still looking.

9 Continuing education. There are lots of podcasts available as long as you have an ipod capable stereo. Be very careful here as some are a little monotonous and may lull you to sleep.

10 Smile and laugh. Lots of studies show that the actual act of smiling and laughing releases endorphins regardless of the presence of a stimulus. Since more is obviously better, I recommend a Texas-sized bout of spontaneous laughing every 30 minutes. It should last for about 10 minutes and try not to make it too mechanical. If you are having a hard time getting it rolling, see # 3 above.

OK, lets hear some more and obviously (legal stuff), this is all rubbish because you should really be concentrating on your driving.

Darius Randeria R.Ph ; BPharm (London) ; M.R.P.S
Vice President, Staffing
AHS PharmStat