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Is a staffing agency right for you?

Recruitment of new employees has gone the way of payroll and tax duties for a number of companies — out of the building.

For years, employers have used recruitment firms to fill specialized technical and senior level executive positions. Now more types of job-seekers are likely to deal with a third party than a person at the company that is offering the job.

"It is a little different mix than we've seen in the past," said area manager Jim Ellis at Burns Personnel, who is being asked to fill a wider variety of positions.

Companies may have made ends meet in a tough economy by downsizing their human resources and recruitment departments.

"Staffing is very important, obviously, but it may not be part of their core business," he said.

Such outsourcing of human resources functions, along with contract hiring trends and the Internet, have changed the game for job seekers.

Rochester Works Executive Director Peter Pecor does not advise trying to go around a third party that has been hired to help fill a specific position.

"They are contracting with those individuals or consultants for a reason," he said. "The worst thing a job seeker can do is not follow instructions."

Tony Coccitto, managing partner of Premier Recruitment Group here, says that job seekers can attract the attention of recruiters by customizing their applications. Too many people apply for multiple jobs by e-mailing or uploading the same generic resume.

Recruiters' advice:

Customize your resume for the specific job you are seeking. It is easy for recruiters to spot a generic resume.
Keep your cover letter short. It is not a place to summarize your resume.
Build your online profile on Web sites such as LinkedIn.
Don't shy away from temporary work; it may lead to full-time employment.

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