Have you ever noticed hiring happens in waves? alt="pharmacy jobs"       Fall Hiring Sometimes summer can be a little slow with managers and key decision makers taking time off.  Just as summer is slow, September and October will see an increase in hiring as more of the hiring managers return from vacation. This allows time for interviews and less downtime in between the interview steps. The hiring process is smoother overall during this time of year. Although, this time of year is not as productive for hiring and interviewing as the early winter months - it is a close second. Winter Hiring Research shows that January has a tendancy to start slow with some hiring managers taking extended time off for holiday vacations.  But around mid January hiring activity picks up rapidly and the interview process begins to soar. Another reason for the boost in January and February is that companies often get their new budgets for the year in January and a lot of the hiring activity that was delayed in November and December can now move forward. And with pharmacy there is normally an increase due to cold and flu season.  Pharmacies see a higher volume during these months and may decide to hire additional staff permanently, or add relief staff to help cover peak times. Be Proactive The best thing for a candidate to do is be proactive.  Don't wait until the fall or winter to actively look for a job.  Find a pharmacy staffing agency that you know and trust and have them begin the process of finding a good fit for you.  Most agencies have developed relationships with pharmacy owners or hiring managers so they know the culture in that pharmacy and whether you would be a good fit.  That's important.  Once you submit your resume, desired position and location - the process will begin.  And the best part is, the agency will do all the negotiating on your behalf.   Now is a great time to start that process.  Whether you are a new pharmacy graduate, or a seasoned pharmacist, submit your information now so you can begin your new pharmacy career by the end of the year.  

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