Good news for pharmacists, the current trends in the pharmacy job market show an increase. alt = "Pharmacy Jobs"               In a recent article in Pharmacy Times,  it states that in June 2014, the national demand for pharmacists was recorded at 3.51, up from 3.32 in May 2014 and 3.22 in June 2013.  Demand was extremely high in some states for the first time in months, as it reached 5 on the ADI scale in Iowa and close to 5 in Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Alaska. In addition, 48.8% of the population lived in a state with an ADI of 4, compared to 37.2% in the previous month. Although demand for pharmacists was lowest in Hawaii and Massachusetts, the ADI did not dip below a 2 in any state. ADI or aggregrate demand index, is estimated on a 5-point scale, where 5 indicates high demand for pharmacists and 1 indicates there are many more pharmacists than available jobs.  The ADI is provided by the Pharmacy Workforce Center and is continually measured on a national, regional and state level. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics data, pharmacists earn an average annual wage of $116,500. Compared to others in the profession, those who work in general merchandise stores are paid the top annual mean salary of $125,240. Pharmacists who work in the warehousing and storage industry earn the second highest annual salary of $124,540, followed by those who work in physicians’ offices ($123,160), pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing ($122,010), and outpatient care centers ($121,420). The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy says a shortfall of as many as 157,000 pharmacists is predicted by 2020 according to the findings of a conference sponsored by the Pharmacy Manpower Project, Inc.  Pharmacy's Role Pharmacy is a vital part of the healthcare system. The number of people requiring healthcare services has steadily increased, and this trend will likely continue. Due to many of society's changing social and health issues, men and women in pharmacy will face new challenges, expanded responsibilities and an ever-increasing growth in opportunities. Some of these healthcare issues include:
  • Increases in average life span and the increased incidence of chronic diseases;
  • The increased complexity, number, and sophistication of medications and related products and devices;
  •  The increased emphasis on primary and preventive health services, home healthcare, and long-term care; and
  • Concerns about improving patients' access to healthcare, controlling its cost and assuring its quality.
Because of the large role that medications and their proper use play throughout these issues, pharmacists will have an important role in the future of healthcare. ~AACP~ At AHS PharmStat, our team works with hundreds of Pharmacies across the country placing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in permanent, temporary and relief shifts.  As the need for pharmacists continues to grow, so does our team.  Our team of Healthcare Staffing Agents have over 70 years in the staffing industry.  They will work on your behalf finding the right fit for you and the pharmacy.  Our team of dedicated relief staffing agents recieve new shifts daily that they are able to fill from a qualifed pool of pharmacists and pharmacy techncians. If you would like to be part of the AHS PharmStat team, send your resume to: or go online and complete a Quick Apply.  Once in our system, you will be one of the first to hear about pharmacy jobs in your area.  Start your pharmacy career today!

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