How many of you out there have been in the same practice setting for a long time? I constantly get calls from pharmacists that want to do something different, but don’t have the experience to get a job. Often, it is a retailer that wants to go back in to Clinical Practice, sometimes it is a newly laid off Sales Rep that hasn’t worked in a pharmacy for years. Scary stuff, especially in this current environment with 6 Pharmacy schools in Texas churning out PharmD’s every year. So it is easier to just stay put and wait it out…Wrong! Don’t do it.

We have all got to become rounded and capable of handling new challenges. The strange thing is that the scary thing is not really a knowledge of drugs, the scary thing is the IT. Yes, IT, Infrastructure Technology, the computer, software, PYXIS etc Pharmacists are having to become computer experts and for those of us who were not brought up with computers, this is 90% of the fear. We fear that we will look stupid because of all the proprietary IT systems.

What do you all think?

By: Darius Randeria, R.Ph ; M.R.P.S ; BPharm (London)
AHS PharmStat, Vice President, Staffing