Many drug chains have decided not to fill prescriptions. Hydrocodone Refill Policy by State, as of October 17, 2014 Map Hydrocodone RefillsAccording to a recent article in Pharmacy Times, even though pharmacies can legally dispense remaining refills of prescriptions for rescheduled hydrocodone combination products submitted before October 6, 2014, many drug chains have decided not to honor those refills. The article goes on to say, according to representatives from 3 industry organizations, those decisions likely stem from issues with pharmacy quality and safety processes, payer reimbursement policies, and conflicting state laws. “When the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued the final rule, it said that these refills, under their regulation, would remain valid until April 8, 2015. That led us to look at what the states are doing, because they have their own regulations for controlled substances,” Kevin N. Nicholson, RPh, JD, vice president of public policy and regulatory affairs for the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS), told Pharmacy Times in an exclusive interview. “We’ve heard from a number of states that they are following the DEA’s lead, but a lot haven’t said anything. The fact is, there is a lot of unknown and confusion…and we’re still waiting to see how it’s going to play out.” A recent Pharmacy Times poll revealed 51% of responders are accepting remaining refills for hydrocodone prescriptions submitted before October 6, 2014, although more individuals commented on a related Facebook post that they are not accommodating those refills. Through a company spokesperson, Brad Dayton, RPh, vice president of pharmacy for Ahold USA, said all pharmacies operated by the Ahold companies are honoring refills for hydrocodone combination product prescriptions, unless they are prohibited by state law. Read entire article at: