2015 seems to be the year for "opportunity" for the pharmacy industry.   alt ="pharmacy staffing"       Below are five trends to watch for in 2015 according to McKesson.com. 1)  Speciality Pharmacy:  Experts project that 50% of all spending on prescription medications by 2018 will be for speciality drugs, which are complex pharmaceuticals that require special handling, administration and monitoring by healthcare providers.  This provides increased revenue and monitoring patient safety by the health systems pharmacies. 2)  Revenue Generator:  Experts are predicting that in 2015, health systems pharmacies will become revenue-generators.  You will begin to see more on-site and off-site ambulatory pharmacies. 3)  Pharmacists Role Will Change:  Value based payment models will continue to proliferate in 2015 and so will the responsibility of health systems pharmacies.  Health system pharmacies will need to provide patients the right medication in the right dosage at the right time.  Expect to see a greater focus on medication adherence, "meds-to-beds" programs that give patients their prescribed medications before they're discharged from the hospital, and medication management programs. 4)  340B Audit Preparedness:  Expect to see a growing demand for 340B audit preparedness.  This program has come under fire for alleged lack of oversight of the nearly $7 billon in drugs sold annually under the program.  In the coming years, health system pharmacies that operate 340B programs need to make themselves "audit proof" by using internal compliance programs and technologies. 5)  Improve Patient Care:  Big data will continue to play an increasingly important role in health systems pharmacies.  Using advanced data analytics software will allow health systems pharmacies to track the medication history of patients that arrive in their facilities regardless of where they received their prescriptions. In 2015, the pace of change will only accelerate.  Creative, innovative and forward-thinking hospital and health system pharmacies will seize the moment and that change will provide opportunities to improve patient care and business health in the year ahead. Read more at:  Mckesson.com

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