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Pharmacist Jobs

Pharmacists in Demand:
The demand for trained pharmacy professionals has increased in past years due the rapid growth of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, especially for the growing elderly population. The number of pharmacists in healthcare services is also growing, as pharmacists become more actively involved in drug therapy decision-making for patients of all ages. There is good potential for advancement and competitive salaries within a pharmacy career. Those pharmacists who pursue additional graduate study and/or residency experience have greater mobility within the profession including areas of research, administration and business.

Growth in the Healthcare Industry:
Pharmacy's Role:  The practice of pharmacy is a vital part of a complete healthcare system. The number of people requiring healthcare services has steadily increased, and this trend will likely continue. Due to many of society's changing social and health issues, men and women in pharmacy will face new challenges, expanded responsibilities and an ever-increasing growth in opportunities.

Some of these healthcare issues include:
Increases in average life span and the increased incidence of chronic diseases; The increased complexity, number, and sophistication of medications and related products and devices; The increased emphasis on primary and preventive health services, home healthcare, and long-term care; and concerns about improving patients' access to healthcare, controlling its cost and assuring its quality.

Because of the large role that medications and their proper use play throughout these issues, pharmacists will have an important role in the future of healthcare.

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